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We are proud to offer our clients (new and existing) the option of a guaranteed rent agreement between 1-7 years. We are able to take on any property, any size and any location in the UK.

We can achieve this by having a truly unrivalled network of local and national local authorities and government bodies to assist in delivering housing at a remarkable rate.

The key benefits of choosing us over your existing tenants/letting agents are as follows:

  • Guaranteed Rent to start within 7 days

  • We charge 0% commission

  • Absolutely no void periods in rental payments once we take on your property

  • No maintenance and repair bills taken from your rent

  • Never any rental arrears

  • Your property will return back to you exactly how you gave it to us

  • Hassle-free, hands-off, landlord experience

When we come to view your property, we will asses the current condition and advise on any compliance requirements that are needed.

We can then offer you a confirmed and guaranteed rental income figure and start your income within 7 days.

You will never have to account for periodic repairs or trivial phone calls from lettings agents reporting problems to you. We have transformed the end user experience for our landlords to make it a far more enjoyable process where we truly make your asset work for you.

Submit your details below, including your property address so we can make an accurate rental offer for your property:

By submitting your details, you are agreeing to be contacted about this opportunity. Rest assured, we never share your details with any other companies. Let us know if you change your mind and we will remove your details instantly.
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